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"English is no more a second language. I have my GRE score to prove it."

- Shi Tan

"You saved my precious time and energy, which I diverted to other areas in SAT prep. This strategy has worked flawlessly"

- Alyssa Wilson

"In SAT the part looking most difficult, i.e., vocabulary, was the easiest to crack. Thanks to VocabSmith!"

- Maria Smith

Adaptive Vocabulary

Adaptive Vocab BuildingUsing some of the recent advances in language learning methodology, VocabSmith's adaptive learning system can significantly enhanced your vocabulary building of speed manifolds. Every individual is different and so are the learning methods they adopt. Our system automatically determines what works best for you!

Track Your progress

Track Your progressYou can track your progress in detail using our reporting tools. At each point of time you know where you stand in terms of each word, group (for example high frequency wordlist) and overall progress.

Intelligent Color Coding

Intelligent Color CodingYour knowledge of a word is divided into 7 levels and each of these levels have a specific color. You can search, sort and manage your wordlist using color filters. You can precisely determine your focus areas and put more efforts in those.

In-built Dictionary

In-built DictionarySearch in-built dictionary for words with pronunciation, phonetics, antonyms/synonyms and usages right from your dashboard. Add the words to your personalized list and learn them in the same way.

Trust of over 10,000 people

Trust of over 10,000 peopleOver 10,000 people have trusted VocabSmith for Vocabulary Building for test preps like SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT. We have consistently scored more than 95% in all our customer satisfaction surveys.

SAT Word of the Day
/ɪ ˈnɔr mə ti /
GRE Word of the Day
/ˈsɛn ʃənt/
GMAT Word of the Day
/ɛmb ˈleɪ zən /
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